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Now, unique to PERDUE® Fresh All Natural Chicken - there is a USDA seal reflecting that the processes used to produce the product have been verified by the USDA.

•   USDA Process Verified programs are only granted to companies who have successfully identified and implemented programs that are effective and valuable to consumers, and are willing to work to these programs all the time through training, monitoring, documentation, verification, and a commitment to continuous improvement in quality management programs.

Here is a look at the steps we have taken to earn our USDA Process Verified Seal:

Initial Review

•   USDA reviewed the written steps and procedures we follow every day related to the diet, treatment and care of our chickens.
•   USDA helped us identify program improvements and opportunities.
•   Perdue agreed to implement the program changes and those changes became part of the daily monitoring of the program.

Site Checks

•   The USDA now conducts independent 3rd party audits where they actually visit our hatcheries, feed mills, family farms where our chickens are raised, and processing plants to ensure the PVP program is being followed by every associate in the organization.
•   They check current as well as past records.
•   Once we have successfully passed the audits which are done facility by facility, only then do they allow us to put the USDA process verified seal on our packaging.

Ongoing Audits

•   Following USDA approval, Perdue follows the procedures described in the programs and moving forward, USDA re-audits us every 6 months to be sure the program continues to be followed.
•   Each of those audits includes review of the written documentation of our practices for the previous 6 months.
•   In addition, we do our own internal monitoring and audits in-between the USDA audits.
•   Every audit in our hatcheries, feed mills, family farms and processing plants are completed to ensure we are delivering effective and valuable programs to our consumers.
•   We do this because we believe in a better way of doing business and more importantly we find value in offering our consumers the highest quality fresh, all natural chicken products available.