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PERDUE® Fresh All Natural Chicken - Verifiably Good!

    •   That's why we are committed to finding ways to innovate, enhance and evolve our products and our practices.
    •   To give consumers the assurance they are looking for about how the chicken they are eating was raised, fed and processed, we worked directly with the USDA to create verification programs to address these areas.
  • The result?
    •   Perdue became the first poultry company to receive the USDA Process Verified Seal.
  • The Process Verified Program (PVP)
    •   PVP provides companies with a verification service for specific processes within their organization. By using the PVP, Perdue can provide additional assurance to our consumers and retail customers that procedures and processes designed to meet specific quality standards are verified by the USDA and are consistent on an ongoing basis.
    •   Through a USDA PVP, consumers can gain confidence in a company's processes due to the independent third-party audits.
    •   These audits include a review and validation of a company's documented quality management system and upon acceptance by the USDA, allows companies to market their certification process as "USDA Process Verified."
  • The seal verifies that PERDUE® Fresh All Natural Chicken products
    have been:
    •   Raised without cages
    •   Fed an all-vegetarian diet with no animal by-products
    •   Has our signature tenderness guarantee on selected products
    •   When you see the seal on our fresh, all natural chicken, you will know that the USDA has audited our processes - so you can feel even better about the chicken you are feeding yourself.

USDA Process Verified Seal

To receive approval for a Process Verified Program, a company is obligated to:

1. Present a detailed program to USDA with support for why this program is appropriate and accurate
2. Implement the program successfully
3. Pass continual audits from the USDA AMS auditors
4. If new validated practices evolve in the future, the program must change to include these new practices