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PERDUE FOODS – A Family Commitment to Quality Since 1920®

Perdue Foods enhances lives through quality branded chicken, turkey and pork products distributed through retail, food service and international customers. Our offerings include the leading names in natural chicken and turkey; antibiotic-free chicken, turkey and pork; and USDA-certified organic chicken – including the PERDUE®, HARVESTLAND® and COLEMAN NATURAL® brands. Our products offer consumers choices, all with the same commitment to quality and wholesomeness.  


  • We're recognized as the first company to successfully brand chicken.
  • We're also the first chicken company with USDA process verified programs for our PERDUE® fresh, all-natural chicken.
  • The PERDUE® brand also extends across a growing roster of retail food products, combining our reputation for quality with convenience and reaching consumers across the country.

  •  Our Foodservice products are distributed nationally to leading restaurant chains and distributors.
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  • Our poultry operations are fully integrated, with live production and processing operations, and our own distribution and transportation network.
  • Our HARVESTLAND® brand is the number-one brand of raised-without-antibiotics chicken, and a growing brand of antibiotic-free turkey and pork and organic chicken products.
Coleman Natural

  • Coleman Natural Foods joined Perdue Farms in 2011, and we’re now the leading producer and distributor of USDA certified organic chicken.


The PERDUE® Brand Story

Before 1968, there was no such thing as a recognized brand-name chicken. A chicken was just a chicken, with nothing to set one apart from another. Frank Perdue changed all that when he put his name on his chicken.  

Frank built the PERDUE® brand reputation by earning the trust of consumers through his personal commitment to quality – backed by a market-first money-back guarantee. The brand’s now famous TV ads featuring Frank Perdue as advertising spokesperson and the tagline, "It takes a tough man to make a tender chicken®" helped to make the PERDUE® brand a household name in the company's marketing areas.

  While Frank’s ad campaigns have gone down in marketing history, it was his unwavering commitment to providing a superior product that made his chicken stand out from the rest. Today, Frank’s vision lives on in - WE BELIEVE IN A BETTER CHICKEN®. That phrase sums up our dedication to continually make every PERDUE® product better, and includes our USDA Process Verified Programs for All Vegetarian Diet, No Animal By-Products and Raised Cage Free. 

The HARVESTLAND® Brand Story

producersThe HARVESTLAND® Brand was born in the rich farmland of Western Kentucky, out of our desire to provide the best all-natural foods and the belief that all families deserve to eat well. We're food lovers, with an appreciation for healthy, all-natural foods. We joined with selected farm families to give consumers a more authentic connection to their food, while abandoning the common practices of administering antibiotics to farm animals and including animal by-products in feed. That commitment to provide consumers food they "can really feel good about" extends to the preparation of all HARVESTLAND® products; we always strive to use the fewest and only all-natural ingredients.

We've since grown to include raised-without-antibiotics chicken, turkey and pork and USDA-certified organic chicken. We still work with select farm families who understand that respect for animals and the land go hand-in-hand with healthy eating. 


Coleman Natural has been providing natural and organic meat The Way Nature Intended for over 125 Years™. Our animals are responsibly raised with no antibiotics or added hormones and 100 percent vegetarian-fed without animal by-products. In recent years, we've grown to become a family of some of the leading names in organic meats, including Petaluma Poultry, the very first company to market a USDA-certified organic chicken. Our brands include Draper Valley Farms®, Ranger®, and Rocky® and Rosie® free-range and organic chicken.

We work with family farms throughout the country to raise our animals in a reduced stress environment, where they grow at their natural pace.

We are committed to providing premium products that nourish the health and well-being of your family. We never add anything to our products that nature did not create: no nitrates or nitrites, no chemical preservatives and no MSG.

In 2011, we became part of Perdue Farms, a move that gave us the opportunity to make our products available to more consumers, while staying true to our heritage as a leader in natural and organic production. 


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