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PERDUE AGRIBUSINESS – At Home on the Farm and Around the Globe

Helping customers prosper with flexible, forward-thinking solutions for agriculturally based products from a uniquely trusted name.

Perdue AgriBusiness was formed as an independent operating company in 2010, but represents the oldest part of our business. Arthur W. Perdue started our company as a family farm, and for most of the first 40 years of our company's history, our customers were the farmers who purchased our chicks and feed.

During those early years, our business grew through earning the trust of the agricultural community and establishing the foundation for what would become one of America's top grain companies.

In the 1950s, a decade before the first PERDUE® branded chickens appeared in stores, Frank Perdue took the first major step in moving Perdue ahead of its competitors: building grain receiving facilities and then in 1961, a soybean crushing plant. The move gave our poultry business the competitive advantage of acquiring grain directly from farmers, and positioned Perdue to become a major player in the grain and oilseed business.

Frank's vision also transformed Eastern Shore agriculture, creating local demand for corn and soybeans that continues to help support the region's farm economy. Today, Perdue AgriBusiness purchases grain from more than 23,000 farmers from upstate New York south to Florida, and west to Kentucky.


  Perdue AgriBusiness Today

agribusiness Perdue AgriBusiness is an international merchandiser of grain and other agricultural commodities. With an entrepreneurial spirit, our ventures also touch such diverse opportunities as bio-energy, organic fertilizers and specialty livestock feeds.

  • Our network of grain receiving and storage facilities stretches from Upstate New York to southern Florida, and reaches west to Kentucky and Indiana.
  • Our deepwater international port in Chesapeake, Virginia provides farmers in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic areas easy access to markets around the world, and has made Perdue AgriBusiness an experienced global merchandiser.
  • Perdue AgriBusiness procures, processes and trades commodities for the feed, food, pet food, fertilizer and renewable fuels markets.
  • Connected by truck, rail and barge, this network provides convenient, competitive local markets for farmers while giving us the flexibility to respond rapidly to changing market opportunities.
  • We process soybeans, other oil seeds and refine edible oils.
  • Our products include grains, soy products, protein products and organic fertilizer recycled from poultry litter.

  Back to the Farm

While our reach is global, our company remains firmly rooted in the traditions of American agriculture going back to Arthur Perdue's family farm. With a "you grow it and we'll buy it" policy, Perdue AgriBusiness understands that our future is dependent upon the success of the farmers, and our ability to bring revenue back to the farm gate.

  Grain Merchandising

grain and truck Perdue AgriBusiness buys grain for feed manufacturing, further processing and domestic and international merchandising, serving both outside customers and sister-company Perdue Foods.
  • We realize that the best way to maintain a steady supply of local grains for our customers is by supporting the farmers in our communities. That is why we have a long-standing "you grow it and we'll buy it" philosophy that ensures farmers a competitive, local market for their grains.
  • As a result, we purchase grain from more than 5,500 farmers and dealers from the Eastern Midwest throughout the Mid-Atlantic region.

  Grain Receiving and Storage

barges Perdue AgriBusiness operates grain storage in excess of 60 million bushels, covering more than 60 locations from New York state south to Florida, and as far west as Indiana and Kentucky.

Each year, we handle approximately 250 million bushels of corn, soybeans, wheat and barley. That’s enough to fill a train of railroad cars 883 miles long – more than the driving distance from Washington, D.C., to Orlando, Fla.

To transport all that grain:

  • We operate a dedicated fleet of more than 1,500 railcars.
  • Manage a fleet of 14 barges and coordinate with five barge companies to serve our nine marine terminals in Delaware, Maryland, Virginia and North Carolina.
  • Work with 475 independent trucking companies

  International Export and Import

ship Perdue AgriBusiness utilizes its expertise and resources in grain merchandising, storage and transportation, coupled with global experience and relationships, to export and import agricultural commodities, including corn, soy meal and oil, wheat and barley.

Perdue AgriBusiness:

  • Is certified by the USDA as a direct exporter of agricultural commodities.
  • Operates its own deep-water port in Chesapeake, Va., to access markets in Europe, the Mediterranean, sub-Sahara Africa, Southeast Asia, the Caribbean and South America. In an average year, we load 120 vessels and more than 16,000 containers.
  • Works with ports throughout the Mid-Atlantic, Great Lakes and Mississippi River.
  • Has a network of grain elevators enables us to identity-preserve grains, including imports of organic commodities.

  Soybean and Oilseed Processing and Refining

oil truck With more than 50 years experience in oilseed processing, we are recognized as a premier supplier of soybean meal, hulls and vegetable oil. We supply soy products for feed, food and industrial applications.
  • Perdue AgriBusiness operates a total of four oilseed processing locations in the Eastern US, including an expeller meal capable of producing organic vegetable oils, and with a fifth location planned for Pennsylvania.
  • We also operate an edible oil refinery to produce refined oils for food and non-food use. We started refining vegetable oils in 1958 and, over the years, have expanded into other oils, including palm oil and specialty oils.
    • Perdue AgriBusiness is a member of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil.
    • Major food companies use our oils in products ranging from cookies to salad dressing. Our refinery also produces lecithin sold to food manufacturers.
    • We also provide vegetable oil products for such non-food applications as biodiesel, lubrication, personal care products and cosmetics.
  • This network gives us the ability to handle specialty oil seeds and products.

  Feed Ingredient and Agricultural Commodities Trading

unload grain train Through the Perdue Agricultural Commodities Marketing Association (PACMA), Perdue AgriBusiness is one of the nation’s largest bulk grain and feed ingredient merchandisers, serving both buyers and sellers of such diverse products as:
  • Canola, gluten, cottonseed, corn germ and peanut meals
  • Dried distillers grains
  • Oat and cottonseed hulls
  • Hominy
  • Rye
  • Bedding products
  • Citrus and beet pulp pellets
  • Dry fertilizers

Each year, PACMA handles more than 2 million tons of feed ingredients, including average daily deliveries of 350 truckloads to livestock producers, feed mills and other customers. To efficiently serve our customers, we operate rail-to-truck transfer facilities in:

  • Pennsylvania
  • Ohio
  • New York State
  • Washington State
  • Idaho
  • Texas

  Animal Nutrition

Consistently at the forefront of animal nutrition, the Venture Milling business within Perdue AgriBusiness provides specialized protein blends for dairy, swine, poultry and other livestock producers. Our products, including the ProvAAl® blends that improve milk quality for dairy producers, have a positive impact on agricultural production and efficiency, improving farmers’ economic sustainability and reducing the environmental impact of livestock production.

  Perdue AgriRecycle

wayne hudson Opened in 2001 with the awareness that growing concern over nutrients from agricultural fertilizer would create a need for a large-scale alternative to land application of poultry litter in the Chesapeake Bay region, Perdue AgriRecycle collects surplus litter from Delmarva’s poultry producers and converts it into a certified organic fertilizer product for use in agriculture, horticulture and landscaping.
  • The Perdue AgriRecycle plant, a $13-million, 65,000-square-foot facility, can process the equivalent 400 poultry houses worth of litter reach year, producing up to 80,000 tons of finished product per year.
  • Perdue AgriRecycle also participates in litter relocation programs, further reducing excess nutrients from agriculture on the Delmarva Peninsula.
  • In its first 10 years of operation, Perdue AgriReycle handled more than 58 million pounds of nitrogen, 29 million pounds of phosphorus and 44 million pounds of potassium. Since 2008, more than half of those nutrients have been moved outside the Chesapeake Bay watershed. 


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