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Perdue statement on slower growing chickens
As part of our Animal Care Commitment, we are investigating the implications of breeding and growth rate in both breeders, the flocks that provide eggs to our hatcheries, and in broilers.

Perdue Farms Statement on eliminating the use of plastic nasal implants in breeder males
We are eliminating the practice of inserting nasal implants into the nostrils of male chickens in our breeder flocks

Perdue answers questions from Cecil County, Md.
We know the residents of Cecil County, Md., have concerns about poultry houses coming to local farms, and we hope the following answers some of those questions.

Perdue Position Statement On Animal Care and Welfare
We know people expect that animals produced for food are raised in a healthy manner and treated with respect at every stage. We also know they expect more from Perdue.

Perdue Farms files public comment on proposed National Organic Program animal care standards
Perdue Farms endorses National Organic Program proposal for stringent animal care standards

Response to Oxfam Report “No Relief”

Wages, Working Conditions and Our Responsibility to Our Associates and Communities
As one of the major employers in many of our communities, we recognize our responsibility to provide a safe, productive, inclusive and rewarding workplace and to contribute positively to the community.

Environmental and Community Impact of Poultry Houses
We take neighbors into consideration before contracting with growers who want to build new poultry houses

Perdue Farms Response To Watts Whistleblower Complaint
Perdue has filed its formal response to a “whistleblower” complaint by a disgruntled contract poultry farmer, rejecting his claims of retaliation and requesting that the U.S. Department of Labor-OSHA dismiss his frivolous complaint.

Overseas Processing Position Statement
All of our branded products sold domestically are from animals born, raised and harvested in the United States. Processing, further processing, cooking and packaging are done only at USDA inspected facilities in the United States.

Antibiotics Position Statement
We recognize concerns about the overuse of antibiotics in animal production, and believe that antibiotics should not be used for growth promotion, to boost production or in place of responsible animal husbandry.

Perdue Farms Statement on Oxfam Report
As one of the major employers in many of our communities, we recognize our responsibility to provide a safe, productive and rewarding workplace.

Perdue Response to Chicken Abuse Allegations - December 5, 2014
The conditions shown in this farmer’s poultry house do not reflect Perdue’s standards for how our chickens are raised.

Biotechnology and Genetic Modification
Perdue Farms supports consumer, customer and farmer choice in regards to genetically engineered crops. We offer both conventional and organic food products and support both conventional and organic agriculture.

Environmental Stewardship Position Statement
Perdue is committed to environmental stewardship and shares that commitment with our farm-family partners. Together, we can continue to provide a safe, abundant and affordable food supply while protecting our natural resources.

Perdue and Poultry Litter
Poultry litter is a valuable resource to the farm partners who raise our birds, and not a waste product.

Statement on the threat to family farms
While the majority of environmental groups recognize that properly managed, economically viable family farms preserve open space and protect watersheds from the impact of development, there are groups who oppose the modern agricultural methods employed by the vast majority of American farm families.

Statement on Roxarsone (arsenic)
Perdue does not use arsenic in its chicken feed

Statement on Poultry House Contracts
Our poultry contracts are designed to insulate farmers from most of the financial risks associated with growing chicken while providing stable income and rewarding top performance.

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