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Frequently Asked Questions

  Does Perdue use arsenic (Roxarsone) in its feed formulations?
  Perdue does not use Roxarsone or arsenic. We phased out the use of this animal health feed additive in 2007 as we improved our flock health and management programs. We've found that through improved flock health programs and housing environments, we are able to produce healthy chickens without it.

  Does Perdue use antibiotics for growth promotion?
  Perdue does not use antibiotics for growth promotion and we administer them only when necessary for the health of our birds.

As a result of our emphasis on providing a healthy environment for our birds, we do not need to rely on the continuous use of antibiotics to keep our birds healthy. However, in keeping with our commitment to poultry welfare and to providing wholesome products, our company's team of veterinarians, who are board-certified by the American College of Poultry Veterinarians, may prescribe antibiotics when medically appropriate. These antibiotics are used in stringent accordance with FDA and USDA guidelines and the guidance of one of our veterinarians.

To treat intestinal illness in chickens, we may administer ionophores when medically appropriate. Ionophores are a type of antibiotic not used in human medicine and are not linked to concerns over antibiotic resistance in humans. The FDA and USDA have approved this use of ionophores.

All PERDUE® products are free of antibiotic residue as determined by routine USDA sampling.

  Why are Perdue chickens kept indoors?
  The Perdue breed of chicken, our own breed, was developed to do best in an indoor environment, and does not do well exposed to the temperature variations outside the chicken house. Equally important, the modern Perdue chicken house provides safe and comfortable conditions, with climate control and fresh air ventilation. Our birds are free to roam in the chicken house protected, from disease and predators, and with continuous access to food and water.

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