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The PERDUE® Brand


Quality at Every Step

The PERDUE® Brand was built on a reputation for Quality, Service and Reliability – and that continues today in every aspect of our operations.

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Our Primary Breeder Operations supply birds to independent farmers, who operate breeder farms under contract with Perdue Foods. These farms supply eggs to our hatcheries.

Our cage-free breeder houses are specially equipped with room for hens and roosters to move about, with access to food and water, fresh air ventilation and elevated nesting areas.


Our hatcheries give our birds a strong, healthy start even before they’re born. Automated incubators maintain the ideal temperature and humidity levels, even turning the eggs to mimic the mother hen’s actions.

Just as with most newborns, our chicks are vaccinated against common diseases. The day-old chicks are transported to independent family farms, where our farm partners have prepared their poultry houses for the arrival of the young birds.

  Feed Mills

Through Perdue AgriBusiness, we purchase grain from local farmers. At our feed mills, we manufacture our own poultry feeds from all-natural ingredients with no animal by-products. They are carefully blended to meet the nutritional requirements of our birds at every growth stage. Our feed mills operate in accordance with FDA regulations and our own quality control ensures wholesomeness and nutritional value.

  Family Farms

The chickens for PERDUE® products are raised on local farms by family farmers who own and operate their poultry houses. Inside those cage-free, temperature-controlled houses, our chickens are protected from the elements, predators and disease. They have continuous access to food and water and fresh-air ventilation, and are free to move about exhibiting natural behaviors.

  Live Production Teams


Our flock supervisors, veterinarians and poultry welfare officers assist our producers. Our live production team ensures adherence to our strict standards for food safety, poultry welfare and environmental stewardship. They are backed by an advanced team of scientists and laboratory technicians working with leading research and analytical equipment to continuously improve bird health and nutrition and to advance food safety.

  Food Processing

We operate food plants throughout the eastern half of the United States for processing and cooking PERDUE® branded products. All associates working in food production in these operations receive mandatory training in food safety and quality. Each of these plants has onsite USDA Inspectors and all of our Quality Assurance Managers are trained as Certified Food Safety Professionals. In addition, each of these plants has a Food Protection Manager, certified through ServSafe, the leading food safety education program.

  Distribution and Transportation

PERDUE® products reach customers through our own distribution network. We have our own truck fleet, distribution and replenishment centers, and dedicated cold storage and export facilities. This ensures quality, food safety and product integrity all the way to the customer.

Our transportation fleet also operates the specialized vehicles used for delivering eggs to hatcheries, chicks and feed to farms and live birds to the processing plant.


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