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Biotechnology and Genetic Modification

As part of our effort to empower customers, consumer and farmers, we support choice by providing conventional, Non-GM (non-genetically modified) and organic options in products and production practice. Genetically modified grains have been widely used and accepted in conventional agriculture for several years, increasing yields and enabling farmers to produce more food per acre. During that time, science has found no adverse link between food safety and the current genetically modified crops. This position is supported by the World Health Organization, the Center for Science in the Public Interest, Britain’s Royal Society of Medicine and the American Association for the Advancement of Science, among other leading scientific organizations. At the same time, we call upon the USDA and FDA to ensure the health and environmental safety of any new genetically engineered organisms, and to protect the integrity of non-GM fields, before permitting their commercialization. We do not support the genetic modification of livestock.

Perdue Foods and GMOs 

Within Perdue Foods, we provide consumers and customers options of both conventional and USDA-certified organic protein products under multiple brands, all of which are consistent with our commitment to wholesome foods and superior quality. As we strive to meet consumer demand for organic chicken, we are increasing the opportunities for farmers who want to build or convert to organic poultry operations. 

Our animals are not genetically modified

None of the livestock used for any of our production is genetically modified. Animals raised on a diet that includes GM grains are not defined as GM unless the animals themselves have been genetically modified, and eating meat from those animals is not the same as consuming GM ingredients.

Conventionally raised animals

Our conventionally raised (those not sold as organic or Non-GMO Project verified) animals are fed a diet of primarily corn and soybeans, with other grains, vitamins and minerals and no animal by-products. We buy as much local grain as possible, supporting local farmers. Since more than 85 percent of the corn and soybeans grown in the US is from genetically modified seeds, most livestock feed, including what is fed to the chickens, turkeys and hogs raised for our non-organic brands, likely contains genetically modified grain.

Other ingredients and labeling

Labeling of meat products is regulated by the USDA, and all of our labels are approved by the Agricultural Marketing Service of the USDA. Corn and soy ingredients in our non-organic prepared items are likely derived from GMOs, and our non-organic breaded items are typically par-fried in vegetable oil likely derived from genetically modified soy. All of our USDA certified organic products are made with organic and/or non-GM ingredients. 

Ensuring a non-GMO supply chain for our organic products

For those consumers who wish to avoid GMOs in the supply chain of their food, we offer USDA certified organic chicken under the PERDUE® HARVESTLAND® organic and COLEMAN ORGANIC® labels, with the added assurance of Non-GMO Project verification. We also provide organic and Non-GMO Project verified chicken under our ROCKY®, ROSIE®, RANGER® and DRAPER VALLEY® Organic brands on the West Coast. 

Perdue AgriBusiness  

We respect the right of farmers to choose what crops they wish to plant and what production methods they wish to employ, and are committed to helping them prosper through our agricultural products and services and grain merchandising. Through our partnership with DuPont Pioneer, we offer contracts with premium pricing for PLENISH® soybeans, which we use to produce a high oleic soybean oil for commercial customers. We are also the only major agricultural company providing soil to harvest support for organic crop production, including seeds, fertilizers, agronomy advisory services and merchandising. Within Perdue AgriBusiness, we purchase and identity preserve conventional, specialty and organic grains, and work with leading organic certifiers, including Pennsylvania Certified Organic and Oregon Tilth.


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