Water Use Reduction Use

Perdue Foods
Our normalized overall water use for calendar year 2013, measured in gallons per pound, was 6.5% less than our baseline for calendar year 2008, but up 1% from the previous year as we saw increases in water use to further improve food safety. We’ll continue to focus on water recycling and other conservation efforts to reduce water while maintaining ever-higher levels of food safety. Our biggest increase in water use was in our further processing facilities, where we have more opportunities to implement the kinds of conservation efforts that have reduced water use in our processing plants, where water use remained almost flat.

Normalized overall electricity use for calendar year 2013, measured in kWh per pounds produced, was 2.9% greater than our calendar year 2008 baseline, but 0.8% lower than the previous year.

Normalized fossil fuel use for calendar year 2013, measured in BTUs per pound, was up just below our calendar year 2009 baseline, but up 0.8%, primarily due to late winter cold weather.

Perdue Agribusiness
In calendar year 2013, we established baseline measurement for water use, electricity use and fossil fuel use, and will report on these annually.

Overall Company CO2 Emissions
Total carbon dioxide emissions for calendar year 2013 were 12.4% lower than our calendar year 2009 baseline, and 4.8% lower than the previous year, marking four consecutive years of reduction. Carbon dioxide measurement includes facility emissions, electricity use, landfill impact, aviation fuel, auto fleet fuel and emissions from our truck fleets.

Environmental Scorecard
Our internal company scorecard continues to drive improvement in conservation, recycling, compliance and associate involvement. Our fiscal year 2014 result was 2.8% higher than the previous year, and 78% higher than our fiscal year 2011 base—following a three-year trend of higher scores.