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Our Aspirations to Our Customers

To be their most trusted partner, providing innovative product and service solutions.

Investment 1
Our Milford, Del., processing plant is now the largest USDA certified organic poultry plant in the country.

Investment 2
Air chilling at our Petaluma Poultry plant enables us to chill chickens for the ROCKY®
and ROSIE® brand without using the conventional immersion in tanks of cold water.

Investment 3
We've streamlined distribution to improve customer service.

Investment 4
Our seed facility in Delaware is part of our partnership with DuPont.

Investments and Advancements

In 2013, we began to integrate Coleman Natural Foods, which we acquired in 2011, and our other foods brands into a single entity: Perdue Foods. At the same time, we reinforced our commitment to their local brands and to expanding organic production and the availability of organic products. Within Perdue AgriBusiness, we continued strategic growth in outside sales, building upon our trusted relationship with farmers and flexibility to pursue opportunities.

We improved and streamlined our Perdue Foods supply chain.

This included:
  • Significant investments to our Milford, Del., processing plant, now the largest organically certified chicken processing facility in the U.S. 

  • Major capital investments in Petaluma Poultry (Petaluma, Cal.) and Draper Valley Farms (Mount Vernon, Wa.), and a new distribution center in Mount Vernon, Wa., to serve Draper Valley Farms. 

  • Equipment upgrades at our Gainesville, Ga., cooking operation to improve quality and efficiency and to further advance food safety.  

  • Through a partnership with Americold, we implemented a state-of-the-art, energy-efficient, 96,000-square-foot distribution center to support growth across our portfolio of brands and improve customer service. 

  • Our foodservice operations were honored with the Little Caesar’s Supply Chain Excellence Award (for the second straight year) and by Wendy’s as Supplier of the Year.

Perdue AgriBusiness continued to expand our services to farmers:
  • In our role as the exclusive Delaware representative for DuPont Pioneer seeds, we built an 8,400-square-foot seed-processing facility in Bridgeville, Del., to serve area farmers. The site includes demonstration fields to showcase the performance of specific seed products.

  • Through the partnership with DuPont Pioneer, Perdue AgriBusiness is offering grain marketing programs for Pioneer’s Plenish® soybean. The Plenish® bean yields an oil that addresses the concerns over trans fats and has superior cooking characteristics, creating expanded marketing opportunities for soybean producers. Through Perdue AgriBusiness, we’re able to supply the seeds, work with farmers, merchandise the crop, receive the beans and process the oil at our refinery.

  • Our Perdue Ag Services division of Perdue AgriBusiness was created to offer expertise to farmers across the full range of farm inputs.

  • Perdue Ag Services also helps farmers with producer risk management. To support that effort, we acquired controlling interest in Selective Hedge®, a unique risk management program for grain producers.

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