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Our Aspiration

To be the brands they seek for the freshest-tasting, most-convenient, better-for-you foods.
To consumers, the Perdue name has always stood for quality. Quality is what made PERDUE® one of the leading brands of fresh chicken, and extends across all of our products and brands. But we recognize there is something even more important behind our brands: consumer trust. That is why we are committed to making sure our quality products represent the highest possible level of food safety and wholesomeness. And, as consumers become more and more concerned about the food they eat, we know we need to focus more and more on health and nutrition—decreasing sodium, offering lower fat options and using simple ingredients.


Supporting Consumer Choice Through Responsible Practices

At Perdue Farms, we believe in supporting consumer choice. That is why we offer a range of products and brands, and we clearly label such attributes as nutritional benefits, gluten free, NO-ANTIBIOTICS-EVER™, Non-GMO Project Verified, and organic. We also believe that there is no one "right" way to raise and produce food, and that we need to manage each production system responsibly.

With that comes the responsibility to continuously improve within those systems, reaching higher levels of quality and food safety, reducing environment impact, raising standards of animal welfare, and responding to evolving consumer needs and expectations. Through our roster of brands and products, we have one of the leading national brands of poultry, we’re the leading distributor of chicken raised without any antibiotics ever, and the leading producer of USDA certified organic chicken.

  • The PERDUE® brand has been a leading premium poultry brand for close to half a century. Our USDA Process Verified Programs provide the assurance that all PERDUE® products are from chickens raised cage-free in the U.S. on an all-vegetarian diet with no animal by-products.
  • Our PERDUE® HARVESTLAND® brand is the most widely distributed brand of NO-ANTIBIOTICS-EVER™ chicken, and also offers NO-ANTIBIOTICS-EVER turkey and pork, and USDA certified organic chicken.
  • Our PERDUE® SIMPLY SMART® brand offers NO-ANTIBIOTICS-EVER™ fresh tray-pack and ground chicken ,and frozen, fully cooked items using NO-ANTIBIOTICS-EVER™ chicken and simple ingredients with reduced fat and sodium.
  • The COLEMAN PREMIUM MEATS® and COLEMAN NATURAL® brands offer NO-ANTIBIOTICS-EVER™ poultry, pork, select beef products and other proteins, all raised on a 100% vegetarian diet with no animal by-products; and organic chicken.
  • The COLEMAN ORGANIC® brand offers USDA certified organic chicken.
  • Through Petaluma Poultry in California and Draper Valley Farms in Washington State, we offer locally raised and processed organic, Non-GMO Project Certified and free-range chicken to consumers in California, Washington State and Oregon. Local brands include ROSIE® organic chicken, ROCKY® and RANGER® free-range chicken and DRAPER VALLEY FARMS® organic and free-range chicken. These products are from chicken raised without the use of any antibiotics, ever.

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