"Our respect for the environment extends through every aspect of our operations. Sustainability goes beyond policy; it is in the nature of our company."

Steve Schwalb, Vice President, Environmental Sustainability
A Leadership Role

As the role of animal agriculture in protecting the Chesapeake Bay and Delmarva coastal bays watersheds became more important, Perdue stepped to the forefront. First, we formulated our feeds to reduce nitrogen and phosphorus in chicken litter. Then, in 2001 we became the first poultry company to provide growers with a large-scale alternative to land application of poultry litter through Perdue AgriRecycle.

In 2007, we established the position of Vice President of Environmental Sustainability, reporting directly to Chairman Jim Perdue. In 2010, as part of our company's 90th anniversary, we established our revised Vision statement, "To be the most trusted name in food and agricultural products," and added "Stewardship" to our company values, and making environmental stewardship an accountability within every part of our business.

Environmental Stewardship Goals
For our current fiscal year, which began April 2013, we further elevated our value of Stewardship. For decades, our company has set annual corporate goals in the areas of People, Products and Profitability. The order is intentional, going back to Frank Perdue’s belief that if you take care of your people and treat them with respect and honesty, and provide innovative quality products and services, then the profits will follow. Those goals, referred to as our “Three Ps,” are shared across the company through Goal Cards distributed to all associates.

This year, we added a Fourth "P:" Planet. The significance of this is two-fold. First, it demonstrates to each associate our company's commitment to environmental stewardship, and their individual accountability to help us reach our goals. Second, it sets measurable goals for reducing our environmental impact. Going forward, our company goals are centered on People, Products, Planet and Profitability. As before, the order is important: putting "Planet" before "Profit" builds upon our company’s long-standing belief that sustainable profitability comes from making decisions based upon our Values, and with a sense of responsibility to all our stakeholders.

For this first year, we've established environmental scorecard goals for each of our major Perdue facilities, and will incorporate the former Coleman facilities into our environmental stewardship programs. At the end of the year, we'll report on our progress and set new goals to challenge ourselves to continuously improve.