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Our Aspirations to Our Communities

To be a trustworthy corporate citizen and a conscientious steward of the environment.

Environmental Sustainability and "Green Team" members discuss ideas at the Perry, Ga., operation’s wastewater treatment plant.

Environmental Stewardship

We were among the first poultry and agricultural products companies to establish an executive-level environmental department, and we have a long record of investments in technology and upgrades to meet all federal, state and local environmental regulations. More importantly, though, we have led the poultry industry in recognizing that environmental stewardship goes beyond compliance. Those efforts have led to Perdue Farms becoming the first poultry company to receive a Jewell Award, recognizing innovation and leadership in the poultry business.

Incorporating Environmental Stewardship into Our Corporate Culture
Stewardship—and a sense of responsibility—have been at the core of our corporate culture, and have led to environmental firsts of which we’re very proud, including the first-ever large-scale poultry litter recycling operation, which continues to help prevent excess nutrients from entering the Chesapeake Bay watershed. But we recognized that a commitment to protecting our natural resources meant we had to elevate environmental stewardship to the highest possible level in our company; it had to become a core accountability, shared across the across the organization.

Keeping Score
In 2008, we started collecting environmental data for most of our operations and company-owned transportation, the first step in being able to look at our overall environmental impact.

Two years later, we implemented our Environmental Sustainability Scorecard, covering 14 Perdue Foods operations and our three largest Perdue AgriBusiness operations. The Environmental Sustainability Scorecard measures not just compliance, but also factors in sustainability efforts, ranging from recycling and energy conservation to associate involvement.

Driving Improvement
The Environmental Sustainability Scorecard quickly moved from a reporting tool to a driver of continuous improvement and associate engagement. The development of facility, division and company scorecard goals, combined with management-level buy-in across the organization, helped drive above-goal scores to encourage even higher goals—and higher levels of success. Most importantly, environmental sustainability goals started to become part of our associate performance goals and appraisals, making it a personal accountability as well as a team and company goal.

Moving Environmental Sustainability to the Top
Since 1993, our company has set annual goals around the "Three P's"—People, Products and Profitability. Those goals, which are shared annually with each associate, reflected our belief that if we put people first, they will take care of our customers—meeting our product goals, which will lead to profitability. Each year, we pass out wallet cards with those goals to every associate.

In 2013, we updated a 20-year tradition, expanding our annual goals to the "Four P's"—People, Products, Planet and Profitability. The inspiration came after the 2011 acquisition of Coleman Natural Foods. Petaluma Poultry, part of Coleman, had its own version of the "Three P's"—People, Poultry and Planet, reflecting the organic production's emphasis on sustainability. Taking a cue from Petaluma Poultry, we recognized that "Planet" should be an equally important consideration across all of our production methods and businesses. That change also made environmental sustainability an individual accountability for every associate, and a core component of how we measure success.

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